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Shop through Overseas, Simple as ABC


​Purchase your products from any of Australian SHOP sites, and entering our Sydney warehouse address. 
Remember, your product has to be deliverable to your destination country.

Provide your Shopping Order Confirmation with Domestic Delivery Tracking Number, we will track as if your package arrive to our warehouse.
Also, fill in the Customs Declaration Forms and provide your Passport Copy for customs clearance purpose.

Once your Packages and Docs are well received, we will arrange your delivery accordingly. Measuring packages Weight and Dimension, checking the Customs Declaration forms. 

Finally, Air Express Service will take about 7 working days of International Delivery to your destination,

Invoice will be generated once all Docs and Packages are ready, We will email the invoice to you. Please clear the payment once after you received the invoice. Then, we will proceed to the next step of delivery.

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